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Foreign Language Studies

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Majoring in a foreign language is much more than just learning a foreign language. Our majors and minors become proficient Spanish, French, German, or Italian readers, writers, and speakers. But, our hope for students goes deeper than that. We want our students to become even more culturally proficient – understanding how the cultures they are studying are different from their own and also celebrating the connections.

Our Faculty

Our faculty integrates exceptional instruction with a distinctive curriculum that incorporates linguistics, literature, culture, and area studies – offering students opportunities to use the language they’re studying in native and near-native settings and with each other.

Our Students

Our students take their knowledge of language and culture and put it into practice. Recent graduates:

  • Are employed in a variety of places, including the U.S. Department of Justice, the Council on International Education Exchange, the Gerson Lehrman Group, and in elementary and secondary schools throughout the country;
  • Are in graduate schools, including Brown University, Indiana University, and New York Law School; and
  • Have earned prestigious Fulbright Awards to countries that include Spain, Argentina, Nepal, the Dominican Republic, Germany, and Turkey.

As you can see, our students aren’t just educated to become language-competent. They’re prepared to take everything they’ve learned and become active participants in a globalized world.

Student Accomplishments

Andrew Cannata ’18 is a triple major in French, Italian and Spanish and a Writing Fellow in the Liberal Arts Honors Program. He ranks at the top of his graduating class and is the recipient of the Highest in Concentration Award in all three of his majors. Andrew will enter Brown University in September to pursue a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. He is an avid student of foreign languages; click here to meet Andrew and follow his linguistic adventures.

Mackenzie Tor ’17, a double major in Italian and History, and a Spanish minor, is currently a graduate student at the University of Missouri pursuing a masters degree in American History. “Studying foreign languages goes a long way, especially at Providence College. As a student of Italian and Spanish, I felt prepared for academic coursework in any class. It’s nearly impossible, for example, to go through Civ without hearing of Spain’s stake in the Age of Exploration or to survive a semester of philosophy without referencing Machiavellian principles – topics to which I had already gained exposure through work in foreign language courses. Not only does knowledge of a foreign language give an academic boost, but it also creates space for personal growth. In learning a new language, one acclimates him/herself to a new culture, a different way of life. Some of my most meaningful friendships sprang from my ability to communicate with locals while studying abroad in Ferrara, Italy. In these ways, my time studying foreign languages under the outstanding guidance of Providence College’s faculty positively influenced both my scholarship and my worldview.”

Brigid Walshe ’19, a double major in French and Finance is conducting her internship with the US Commercial Services in Paris, where she assists several different members of the (mostly French) team. Working at first on a variety of projects for various US companies («clients») seeking French trading partners, Brigid is now involved primarily in a large market study of the cyber-security industry worldwide.


Clare Noone ’18, a double major in French and Political Science, worked for the French Ministry of Education as an intern at Directorate General for School of Education in Paris, France.

“This internship was part of my study abroad program and one of the greatest things I’ve ever done in my academic career. I learned the ins and outs of policy making within the arena of international education. This internship gave me the opportunity as an American abroad to experience how another culture operates, while getting insight into a field that I am very interested in!”