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Foreign Language Studies

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Majoring in a foreign language is much more than just learning a foreign language. Our majors and minors become proficient in Spanish, French, German, or Italian readers, writers, and speakers. But, our hope for students goes deeper than that. We want our students to become even more culturally proficient – understanding how the cultures they are studying are different from their own and also celebrating the connections. Our faculty integrates exceptional instruction with a distinctive curriculum that incorporates linguistics, literature, culture, and area studies – offering students opportunities to use the language they’re studying in native and near-native settings and with each other.


What’s Happening @ Foreign Language Studies

Our Students Succeed in Their Careers at the Highest Level

David Montaine 19, Finance Major and Spanish Minor

I am a current senior, and I recently was fortunate enough to accept a job offer. This could not have been possible without Spanish. At nearly every interview I had, the interviewer noticed the Spanish minor on my resume and made it a point to discuss it with me. They were always fascinated with this skill, and I believe it helped separate me and gave me a competitive advantage over other candidates. I have truly enjoyed studying Spanish here at Providence College, and strongly recommend it to any student who is considering taking a foreign language.”

Andrew CannataAndrew Cannata ’18, Triple Major in French, Italian and Spanish. Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature at Brown University

He ranked at the top of his graduating class and was the recipient of the Highest in Concentration Award in all three of his majors. He is an avid student of foreign languages; click here to follow his linguistic adventures.

Michael FrickMichael Frick ’18, 
Marketing Major and French Minor, Bilingual Account Specialist, New Balance, Boston

I was a marketing major with a French minor, and taking French at PC was hands-down the best decision I made. It allowed me to study abroad in Paris, which was the best four months of my entire life. French also got me a job. As a senior, it is important to distinguish yourself from the pack, and I was able to apply to French positions that my friends were not. I recently just landed my dream job at New Balance in Boston, and I owe that all to French. If you are considering studying a language, I promise you that you will not regret taking French at all.”

Julia MontiJulia Monti ’14, Spanish Major with Business Certificate, Account Executive in Brand Marketing and Communications, PMK*BNC, New York City

When applying to public relations jobs in New York City, I felt like I had a leg up on the competition as a Spanish major. Beyond supporting client work, knowing Spanish has empowered me as a manager who fosters a welcoming environment that has attracted a diverse, creative team at my agency.”

As you can see, our students aren’t just educated to become language-competent. They’re prepared to take everything they’ve learned and become active participants in a globalized world.