The Department of Foreign Language Studies offers opportunities for internships in diplomatic relations at foreign consular offices, in immigration and naturalization and other federal and state agencies, in international banking, in the import-export industry, in travel and tourism, and in education.

Internship in French, German, Italian, or Spanish Studies

1 semester, 3 credits

This course offers majors at the advanced level the opportunity to apply and deepen their knowledge of the major language/culture in a meaningful way outside the classroom. Students interested in an internship must finalize the details of their placement and obtain approval both from the faculty member who will serve as their internship advisor and from the department chairperson PRIOR to registering for this course. Interns sign the departmental and college internship contracts and, in addition to the minimum ten hours per week devoted to supervised on-site responsibilities, meet regularly with the faculty internship advisor to discuss the ongoing process of the scholarly project that will emerge from the internship experience. At the conclusion of the internship, interns will submit the following in the target language: a written journal documenting and reflecting upon their weekly internship experiences, and a scholarly project submitted in writing to the internship advisor and presented orally to the department faculty.