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The department offers a major in French.  In order to major in a language, students must complete 30 credit hours of course work at the 200 level  and above, including  201 (Composition), 210 (Conversation), 212 (Civilization),  321-322 (Survey of Literature), and five courses above 300, of which at least two must be in literature at the 400 level.

The language major can be combined with any other major that the College offers.

Recent graduates have  combined their language major with art history, biology,English, global studies, history, marketing, political science, psychology, and sociology.


A minor is fulfilled by the successful completion of 18 credits/semester hours of course work in the target language, in a progressive sequence beginning at a level determined by the department to be appropriate for each individual student.

For a listing of course descriptions, please see the course catalog.