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What effect has foreign language study had on your personal/professional life?

Delfina Mancebo ’18

Italian sounds like harmonious poetry

I studied Italian my final semester of college and have continued to study now, being abroad in Argentina. There are many reasons why studying Italian is important, but here I will only list a few. Developing a proficiency in Italian to me demonstrates my interest in learning about the culture and in ways connecting with my roots, my origin stemming from Latin culture. Further, the Italian language itself is beautiful; whenever I hear it spoken, it sounds like harmonious poetry. Studying under the incredible guidance of Giacomo, I felt a renewed interest in learning languages and commitment specifically towards Italian. When I gain proficiency in the language, the connection I felt when I meet Italians will be much purer than trying to form a relationship with language as a prominent barrier.

Michael Frick ’18

A minor in French leads to a dream job at New Balance!

I am a marketing major with a French minor, and taking French at PC was hands down the best decision I made. It allowed me to study abroad in Paris, which was the best 4 months of my entire life and I encourage everyone to go abroad. French also got me a job. As a senior, it is important to distinguish yourself from the pack, and I was able to apply to French positions that my friends were not.  I recently just landed my dream job at New Balance in Boston, and I owe that all to French.  If you are even considering studying a language, I promise you that you will not regret taking French at all.

Giovanna Franciosa 17

Managing a French art gallery in New York City!

I graduated Providence College in the spring of 2017 with a degree in art history and a minor in Italian. I chose both art history and Italian because I have always loved Italy and its long and impactful artistic culture. I spent the fall semester of my junior year in Florence where I met new friends and solidified my Italian language skills. The foreign language department was an important part of my PC experience, as I was able to learn a lot but also have an amazing time with my fellow students and my professors! I also took two semesters of French, as part of my art history major, which was a great complement to my Italian courses. All of these studies have helped to shape the person that I am today, as I am currently managing a French art gallery in New York City where I have the opportunity to practice my Italian and French on a regular basis.

Mackenzie Tor 17

Double major in Italian and History, and a Spanish minor, is currently a graduate student at the University of Missouri pursuing a masters degree in American History

“Studying foreign languages goes a long way, especially at Providence College. As a student of Italian and Spanish, I felt prepared for academic coursework in any class. It’s nearly impossible, for example, to go through Civ without hearing of Spain’s stake in the Age of Exploration or to survive a semester of philosophy without referencing Machiavellian principles – topics to which I had already gained exposure through work in foreign language courses. Not only does knowledge of a foreign language give an academic boost, but it also creates space for personal growth. In learning a new language, one acclimates him/herself to a new culture, a different way of life. Some of my most meaningful friendships sprang from my ability to communicate with locals while studying abroad in Ferrara, Italy. In these ways, my time studying foreign languages under the outstanding guidance of Providence College’s faculty positively influenced both my scholarship and my worldview.”

Julia Monti ’14

Account executive in brand marketing & communications, PMK*BNC in New York

When applying to PR jobs in New York City after graduation, I felt like I had a leg up on the competition interviewing as a Spanish major. It was always a conversation starter during my initial interviews and usually led to reminiscing with the hiring manager about our study abroad days. Since working in the marketing & communications industry for the past 4+ years, I’ve been able to use my foreign language skills both socially in the office and working on exciting projects, such as Spanish social-media monitoring for the Hermès Issues Management team. Beyond supporting client work, speaking Spanish has also empowered me as a manager, fostering a welcoming environment that has attracted a diverse, creative team at my current agency.

Jaclyn Kotowski 13 (magna cum laude)

A passion for French language and teaching

In my professional life knowing another language has helped me to connect with the families and students I work with who are all bilingual.  My students love that I can teach them some French by connecting it to their native language.  My goal is to one day teach French full-time at the school I work at so that they can be trilingual! In my personal life, I have been teaching my son French and love reading stories to him.  It has given us  a way to open up the world and introduce him to the idea of diversity.  Studying French made me so much more aware of culture and history, which is something important no matter who you are or what you do.

Rachael White ’12 (summa cum laude)

Managing a French-language website

My time spent studying French language and culture at Providence College truly gave me the keys to the world. As a French major, I was able to complement my classroom learning with a semester abroad in Paris, during which I made lifelong friendships, collaborated with my French peers at the university, and learned to love the Parisian lifestyle thanks to my amazing host family. After graduation, my fondness for the country prompted me to return to France to spend a year teaching English at a high school. Living abroad afforded me many opportunities to travel far and wide across Europe, sometimes pushing me outside my comfort zone but forever humbling me as a person – through language study, I have been able to connect with people of all walks of life across many time zones. Back at home, I have found my professional niche managing a French-language website – as I interact with Francophones from all corners of the globe, I am exposed to other dialects and continue to further my linguistic abilities daily. Studying French has not only simply expanded my vocabulary, but also brought me a great sense of fulfillment and happiness. My constant wanderlust was born out of my semester abroad experiencing all I’d dreamed of in the classroom, and the memories I’ve made while traversing the globe will stay with me forever – it’s just a matter of time before discovering where the travel bug will lead me next.

Alex Langlois 11 (summa cum laude)

“Knowing French has given me the opportunity to explore a career in an industry I had never even considered.”

In my case it has undoubtedly shaped the last decade of my life. My fluency in French has been crucial in my career path, first as an English teaching assistant in France, and now in my role at a French medical device company where I write and speak French every day. Knowing French has given me the opportunity to explore a career in an industry I had never even considered. In my personal life, speaking a second language has changed the way I communicate in my first language; I believe it has enriched and improved my English. Moreover, speaking French has allowed me to meet incredible people who have played a major part in my life. It has exposed me to a different culture and a different point of view, something that is becoming increasingly important in a globally connected world.